Hyundai API

Hyundai APIs are application programming interfaces that assist dealerships and other automotive businesses in providing historical information and specifications to their Hyundai customers through websites and applications. The Hyundai API plays a vital role in ensuring that Hyundai car buyers make informed decisions while increasing the sales rate of dealerships and other automotive businesses.

Various Hyundai APIs by Vehicle Databases

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Vehicle Databases is a company that provides the Hyundai APIs needed by automotive businesses to increase their sales, efficiency, credibility, and save time. The Hyundai APIs provided by Vehicle Databases offer easy integration, accurate API documentation, status and error codes, no system lags, and more.

With these APIs integrated into websites and applications, automotive businesses can provide quality services to their customers. Some of these Hyundai smart car APIs are the Hyundai vehicle history API, the Hyundai VIN API,the Hyundai window sticker API, the Hyundai vehicle recall API, and others.

Hyundai Vehicle History API

Before any used Hyundai purchase is complete, car buyers are expected to be fully aware of the history and conditions of their vehicles. With the Hyundai vehicle history API provided by Vehicle Databases, dealerships and other automotive businesses can provide vehicle history checks for customers and car buyers and generate vehicle history reports.

Some of the information returned from an Hyundai vehicle history API call includes accident history, damage history, service and maintenance history, theft records, lien and loan records, open recalls, title brand records, and more. This way, consumers can make informed decisions and purchase reliable cars.

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VIN Decoding API

Hyundai VIN API

The Hyundai VIN Decoder API is another really important API provided to automotive businesses by Vehicle Databases. The Hyundai VIN API assists automotive businesses in providing VIN decoding services to their customers through websites and applications. The information returned after a successful Hyundai VIN API call includes the year, make model, trim, body type, engine size, engine description, manufacturer information, and more.

With the VIN decoding API, customers are provided with accurate information to make the best decision, and a happy customer leaves good feedback, thereby improving the company’s reputation.

Hyundai Window Sticker API

Dealerships are required by law to provide window stickers to customers to serve as a guide for making the right decisions. Getting the original window sticker for each vehicle is a daunting and time-consuming task. The Hyundai window sticker API significantly reduces the time required to provide window stickers to customers. With the Hyundai window sticker API integrated with a website or application, businesses can easily generate window stickers in a fraction of the time it would take to access them manually.

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vehicle API

Hyundai Car Details API

The Hyundai Car Details API is designed for dealerships to provide all necessary vehicle specifications to their customers through their websites and applications. The Hyundai car details API provides car specifications, engine details, dimensions, colors, features, etc. from the years 1999 to 2023, and this includes vehicle make, model, year, trim, engine, transmissions, dimensions, drivetrain, braking information, suspension, color, interior, seating, weight, and more information. The Hyundai car details API also provides market value information, interior and exterior features, and other car details.

Other Hyundai Vehicle Data APIs by Vehicle Databases

Other Hyundai vehicle data APIs provided by Vehicle Databases include the Hyundai Inventory API, suitable for dealerships providing information about Hyundai vehicles to a large number of customers; the Hyundai Vehicle Service API; the Hyundai OCR API service, for easy text recognition in VIN scanning applications; the Hyundai Vehicle Market Value API, for generation of trade-in, private party, and dealer retail prices based on the vehicle’s condition; the Hyundai Vehicle Media API; and others. With these Hyundai APIs, dealerships can easily provide high-quality services to their customers, save time, and increase their sales rate.

Frequently asked questions

The Hyundai vehicle recall API is designed to deliver reliable and verified information on the manufacturer recalls that are currently accessible for a particular Hyundai vehicle. The Hyundai vehicle recall API provided by Vehicle Databases can be used to locate open recalls for Hyundai vehicles produced between 1952 and 2023 through a dealership’s application or website and to offer this information to clients of a dealership or auto company in a user-friendly interface.

Some of the benefits of integrating the Vehicle Databases’ Hyundai vehicle API for dealerships include:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Time-savings.
  • Accurate data provision.
  • Higher sales rate.
  • Improved reputation and credibility.

Vehicle databases offer the following Hyundai inventory APIs to dealerships and other automotive businesses:

  • VIN decoding API.
  • Car details API.
  • Vehicle history API.
  • OCR API service.
  • Vehicle market value API.
  • Vehicle services API.
  • Auction history API.
  • Sales history API.
  • Vehicle media API.
  • Window sticker API, and others.


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