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window sticker API

Director of Transportation Safety at the National Safety Council said;

This quote proves a point.

It is due to the phenomenal ability of window stickers to display accurate vehicle information including factory installed options and packages, vehicle specifications MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), engine transmissions, fuel economy and annual fuel costs as well, smog ratings and CO2 emissions are also mentioned on a build sheet.

Hence, if you provide a vehicle with a window sticker you impress your customers. Our window sticker API will display a full fledged build sheet in seconds.
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Window sticker API

Grab the attention of customers with window sticker API services

Vehicle Databases is a trusted data provider leveraging years of experience and extensive research to produce accurate window stickers for any manufacturer.

This is a unique product that sets us apart from our competitors as we hold the record to be the one and only industry to offer this service. With our expertise and years of extensive research, we have meticulously compiled the data. We have proprietary technology to accurately detect vehicle trim hence, we can identify correct vehicle packages and features leaving the guesswork out of the equation.

According to a 2014 survey reveals that consumers experience buyer’s remorse after purchasing a vehicle, leaving fewer than a third who are happy with the car they end up with. The reasons are mainly misleading pricing, dealership tactics, and hidden fees. Therefore, presenting window stickers at the point of sale can help dealerships and car sellers in many ways.

Law compliance

It is federally mandated by the law that a dealer must provide the buyers with a window sticker. Hence, getting window stickers for a dealership business is law compliance

Advertising tool

Custom window stickers branded with your company name, logo and information works as a marketing and advertising tool that benefits sales

Allow customers to make informed sales

Engage and inform your customers with excellent breadth and depth of vehicle data through a window sticker so they can make data-driven decisions

Proves dealership transparency

List your inventory on your website with a window sticker or get it printed to use as a sticker on your vehicle to prove your dealership transparency and gain customers trust

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are providing window stickers for dealerships. You can sign up for our window sticker API services and generate window stickers for any vehicle of any year, make, model or trim.
Window stickers offer many benefits both from a sellers’ and a buyers’ viewpoint. For sellers, selling vehicles with a window sticker aids in faster sales and also builds trust as it reflects the professionalism of dealerships or sellers. Whereas from a buyers’ viewpoint it helps them make an informed decision since a window sticker communicates to them how much value a particular vehicle will provide.