OCR Scanning APIs

Scan and read VINs, license plates Move with the fast paced modern world and opt for best-in-class solutions.

OCR technology that captures and reads VINs, and plates.

Get your hands on vehicle databases OCR Scanning API (Optical Character Recognition) that can be seamlessly integrated with tools and applications employed in the automotive industry.

Product features

Benefits of our OCR technology

Automate business processes and enhance work efficiency with OCR technology.

Text recognition in less than a second

Lightning fast VIN scanning, translation and decoding

Reduces chances of human errors

Seamless API integration and implementation

Enhances system efficiency and productivity and automate operations

Excellent customer experience with user friendly design & operation

Scan Vin number

VIN scanner API

Replace manual data entry procedures with modern automotive VIN scanning technology.

  • VIN OCR reader API technology promises highest accuracy in detecting VIN numbers just in seconds
  • Reduce costs, save time, minimize errors with high quality data extraction and leverage the power of VIN scanner API tools in this modern era
  • Car VIN number scanner works efficiently in all lighting conditions. VINs can be scanned easily in poorly lit conditions and from different angles
  • Fast and accurate VIN scanning takes >1 second for VIN recognition

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Scan a Plate number companies

Scan license plates

Use a license plate decoder tool to scan license plates anywhere, anytime.

  • Lightning fast license plate number scanning with optical character recognition (OCR) technology
  • We provide responses in an editable string (JSON format) and return back the plate number and state
  • Modernization calls automotive industries to opt for preeminent solutions in order to save time, resources and follow up the trends, that's why our OCR Scanner API comes with easy integration and implementation
  • License plate scanner works in poorly lit conditions, capture numbers from different angles and distances, easily captures characters from stacked numbers, vanity plates, or icons based plates as in Florida, or Wyoming

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Scan barcode

Scan barcode

Streamline vehicle processing workflows, scan barcodes to access VIN based information in no time.

  • Vehicle databases leverages the top-notch AI-driven scanning technology that reads VIN from barcodes just in seconds
  • Use VIN barcode scanner to get VIN based information for any year, make and model of vehicle down to its trim level in sub seconds
  • Our technology is easy to integrate into various systems used in automotive, car rental, fleet management or insurance businesses
  • We provide you with tailor-made solutions according to your business needs and requirements

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Scan Documents

Scan documents

Forget typing, VIN, barcode or plate number scanning from any document.

  • It is easier to scan, extract and read the VIN from any image through our latest OCR API technology
  • Eliminate the old, time consuming procedures for documentation and opt for modern automated scanning technology. Automate your work processes with our high tech OCR API services
  • Our OCR API technology ensures quality in scanning and decoding to get precise data in less time
  • Our scanning technology is better in terms of accuracy and speed. Time is money and money is time. Save time, opt for better solutions and be a part of the modern business world

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How it works

upload img

Upload an image

Upload an image containing VIN, barcode or license plate number

scan img

Image to text

OCR API scans and detects the VIN, barcode, license plate or document and converts it into text


Text to JSON

Text is structured to give JSON response through API

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How Optical recognition API helps in process automation

Auto parts suppliers and distributors

Auto parts suppliers and distributors

With the support of our OCR scanner API, scan VINs to gain vehicle information enabling efficient procurement and distribution of auto parts.



Use our OCR reader API to scan VINs, license plates and barcodes to access the information of any vehicle from its make, year, model, trim to its standard or optional features, packages, detailed specifications and more

Auto services and repairs

Auto services and repairs

Instantly access service history of a vehicle by VIN, technical service bulletins, upcoming services & repair data, parts information and more to enable efficient service and maintenance procedures ensuring repeat business.

Online auto auctions

Online auto auctions

List your inventory with VINs and leverage our OCR VIN scan API to offer your customers with amazing feature to verify the vehicle history of auction vehicles with VIN or scan any VIN in your inventory to get VIN based data at your fingertips.

Auto insurance

Auto insurance

Get OCR VIN scanner API to scan VIN numbers in order to access vehicle information that allows ease in generating quotes, submitting claims and in underwriting insurance policies.

Used car websites

Used car websites

Choose VIN specific advertising; Provide your customers with VIN specific vehicle listings that enables them to search for the vehicle history and drive them to make an informed sale.

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Frequently asked questions

The OCR VIN scanner API is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
OCR technology can recognize VINs in less than a second.
We offer license plate scanning and decoding in US and UK.
Yes, our fast and accurate scanning technology supports VIN scanning for all types of vehicles worldwide.
Please book a demo or fill the contact us form, we will reach out to you soon and guide you on the further steps to access our OCR API services.


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