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Get access to vehicle market value API for efficient vehicle buying, selling, and trading.
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Get access to trade-in, private party and retail values for any vehicle with our vehicle market value API.

Vehicle Databases API service allows you instant access to accurate vehicle market value information. Our market value pricing is based on the industry average for a particular vehicle, its make, model, year, trim, color, mileage, and condition.

We provide estimates of market value for used and new cars by VIN or make, year, model and trim based on market trends analysis for used cars and dealer sales all across North America.

Leveraging preeminent technologies we compute market value estimates down to state and city levels. We analyze vehicle market value data based on millions of vehicle sales and transactions. Our database is updated frequently to give accurate market value details.

Product features

Market value of used and new vehicles

Market value from the year, make, model, trim, colors, and mileage

Dealer retail, trade-in, and private party values

Market value based on car condition i.e outstanding, clean, average or poor

Up-to-date market values

Types of market values

Through market value API, you will get insights about three types of value based on your vehicle’s year, make, model, trim, and condition.


Dealer retail value

It is the worth of vehicles sold by dealerships or vehicle retailers. Since dealerships and retailers provide additional services to users buying vehicles from them, they charge more for a vehicle in comparison to buying from an independent owner.

Private party value

Private party value is the market value of the used vehicle bought or sold from an independent owner. We analyze millions of private vehicle sales listings and customer transactions to know the average cost of a particular model in your area.

Trade-in value

The trade-in value is the amount of money that a retailer or dealership will pay for a vehicle when they buy a vehicle from an independent owner. Dealerships take care of the upgrading and repairing before selling it further that is why the trade-in value is usually low.

Conditions affecting vehicle market value:

We have market value data for different conditions of a vehicle given that make, year, model and trim are the same.

  "data": [
      "sale_index": "sold-1",
      "price": "$2,500",
      "sale status": "Vehicle sold at this price",
      "vname": "2016 FORD ESCAPE",
      "lot-number": "Stock: Stock:",
      "car-features": {
        "Runs_Drives": "no",
        "Engine_Starts": "no",
        "Has_Keys": "yes"
      "title-and-condition": {
        "Title Type": "Salvage",
        "Title Description": "new Jersey - Salvage",
        "Primary Damage": "Front End",
        "VIN": "1FMCU0G93GUB08696",
        "Common": "195 auctioned yearly"
      "technical-specs": {
        "Odometer": "98,042 actual miles8,974 less than average",
        "Estimated Repair Cost": "$10,676",
        "Estimated Retail Value": "$12,509",
        "Avg. Estimated Retail Value": "$15,252",
        "Damage Ratio": "85%",
        "Estimated Winning Bid": "$3,377 - $4,127",
        "Body Style": "Sport Utility Vehicle",
        "Color": "White",
        "Engine Type": "2.0L 4 FI DOHC 16V F",
        "Fuel Type": "Gasoline",
        "Cylinders": "4",
        "Transmission": "Automatic",
        "Drive": "Front Wheel Drive",
        "City Mileage": "23 miles/gallon",
        "Delivery Charges": "$895",
        "Highway Mileage": "32 miles/gallon",
        "Standard Seating": "5",
        "Engine Size": "1.6 Liters",
        "Invoice Price": "$24,049",
        "Vehicle Style": "SUV (4-Door)",
        "Engine": "2.0L L4 DOHC 16V",
        "Made In": "United States",
        "Vehicle Size": "Compact",
        "Overall Length": "178.10 inches",
        "Steering Type": "R&P",
        "Anti-Brake System": "4-Wheel ABS",
        "Fuel Capacity": "15.5 gallon",
        "Overall Height": "66.30 inches",
        "Doors": "4",
        "Curb Weight": "3515",
        "Trim": "SE",
        "Overall Width": "72.40 inches",
        "Transmission Gears": "6",
        "MSRP": "$25,790"
      "sale-date-location": {
        "Seller Type": "Insurance Company",
        "Seller Name": "Progressive Casualty Insurance",
        "Auction Date": "January 21, {year} 2:00 PM CST",
        "Location": "Southern new Jersey, NJ"
      "listing-history": {},
      "year": "2016",
      "make": "FORD",
      "model": "ESCAPE",
      "images": [
      "market-value": {
        "Price Range": "$775 - $5,500",
        "Common Price": "$2,050",
        "Avergae Price": "$2,402",
        "Weighted Average Price": "$2,098",
        "Median Price": "$2,125"


Used car dealerships

Leverage our market value API to list your vehicles according to accurate retail values for higher profitability or provide your customers with insights of trade-in values for any vehicle’s make, model, year, and trim.

Classifieds car websites

Use our market value API to suggest to your ad posting customers the private party market value of their vehicle based on its condition. Show them the average cost of the vehicle in their area to provide them with a good experience.

Car valuation websites

Integrate our market value API suite on your mobile application or website to offer your customers full fledged vehicle pricing information as per vehicle’s year, make, model, trim condition, color, mileage, and history.

How vehicle market value API helps in vehicle buying and selling?

According to Statista in 2020, the average selling price of used vehicles came to around 22,000 USD. New automobiles and light trucks were on average almost 17,000 USD more expensive than used light vehicles.

Since the used car market is booming, it’s important for buyers, sellers and shoppers to have an idea of the current market value of the vehicle they intend to buy or sell to have a reasonable deal.

You can also look at our vehicle history API, which provides you with title, auction history records, vehicle history API, that provides you with title, and auction history records and photos.

Price finder API
For vehicle buyers: Vehicle market value information allows buyers to negotiate the price of a new car. In addition to that, they can make a wise decision and quote smart prices for trade-in vehicles.
For sellers: For sellers, vehicle market value information is essential because it helps in setting the price of used cars when dealing with private parties.
For vehicle shoppers: It is worthy information for car shopping because cars are sold at very different prices. Information about market value aids in smart offerings to dealerships. Hence, offers are easily accepted.
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Frequently asked questions

Trade in values are usually lower than retail values due to various reasons like dealers need to recondition, repair and upgrade the car. Any sort of paperwork needs to be done by dealers before reselling the car. If the car is to be auctioned, the shipment costs are to be paid by the dealers. Whereas, the car seller is selling the vehicle as it is without spending any pennies on its reconditioning. Hence, dealerships buy vehicles at low prices (trade-in) and sell at higher prices (retail).
We provide pricing for passenger vehicles, light duty, medium duty and high duty SUVs, powersports, trucks, Recreational vehicles RVs, motorcycles, minivans, hatchbacks, convertibles etc.


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