VIN Title Check API: Accurate Salvage Checks in Your Business

Vin title check

For businesses involved in the automotive industry, verifying the title status of a vehicle is paramount.

With the "Title Check" API by Vehicle Databases, you can now effortlessly determine if a car has a clean title or salvage record, along with relevant details such as the date and cause of the salvage designation.

Accurate Title Checks By VIN

Our API returns the following information when called by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

Title check recods

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Why do some vehicles have salvage titles?

A salvage title is a special type of title that is issued to a vehicle that has been damaged to the point where it is considered a total loss by an insurance company. There are many reasons why a vehicle might be declared a total loss, including:

Once a vehicle is declared a total loss, the insurance company will typically sell it to a salvage yard or rebuilder. The salvage yard or rebuilder may then repair the vehicle and sell it with a salvage title.

Instant Vin Report

Here's how Instant VIN Reports is using our title checks service

Instant VIN Reports utilizes the Title Check API to offer concise vehicle history reports to their customers daily. By integrating our API, they provide a title check service and deliver instant and reliable information about any vehicle's title status alongside other valuable information.

Check out their title check section with data provided by our title check API:

Get Reliable Salvage Title Brand Checks with Title Check API service

After successful integration into your business’s website and mobile applications, you can verify any vehicle’s condition and check for these titles:

Types of title check


We are currently offering 15 credits for free to try out our API services and improve your business. Get API access now and put us to the test.

Why is the "Title Check" API a game-changer for your business?

Don't let salvage history remain a mystery! Leverage the power of the "Title Check" API and make more informed decisions when dealing with vehicles.

What businesses can utilize the VIN Title check API?


Empower your dealership with the ability to conduct swift and accurate title checks by VIN. With access to accurate vehicle data, you can avoid costly mistakes by ensuring the legitimacy and status of vehicles before purchasing or making sales decisions.

Insurance companies

 Assessing title status is crucial for insurance companies to evaluate risk accurately and verify a vehicle’s value. Our API enables you to determine if a vehicle has salvage or flood damage history, aiding in proper coverage determination, accurate pricing, and mitigating potential losses.

Auto Finance Companies

Auto finance companies need to safeguard their investments. By leveraging our VIN Title Check API, you can assess motor vehicle title information for all vehicle types to determine the appropriate financing terms and assess potential risks associated with salvage or rebuilt titles.

Vehicle History Report Providers

 Improve your vehicle history reports and VIN decoders with comprehensive title information. Our API enriches your reports by providing crucial data on various title brands, giving your customers a more comprehensive understanding of a vehicle's history. We also offer a VIN decoder API and Recall API for Vehicle History Report Companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Salvage title check API is an API that checks the VINs of vehicles to determine if a vehicle has been declared a total loss or has a specific title brand. With title check  API, businesses can retrieve title information of vehicles by providing the vehicle identification number (VIN). They can instantly check the title status, including salvage titles, and obtain essential details about a vehicle’s history.

Vehicle Databases offers 15 credits for free to test in our sandbox environment. This way, you can verify our APIs accuracy through the vehicle information returned, as well as responsiveness, speed, etc.

The VIN title check API is a GET API which requires a 17 digit VIN as an input and returns a response in JSON format. The response includes the vehicle title status, with data and cause of loss (if vehicle is salvage).

Various businesses can benefit from a VIN title check API, including dealerships, insurance companies, auto finance companies, and vehicle history report providers. These businesses can leverage the API to assess title status, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions related to vehicle transactions.