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Get auction history and photos from the largest auction database with over 80 million vehicle auction records worldwide through auction history API.

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We are proud to have access to over millions of auctions, worldwide!

We have partnered with the largest auto auction platforms and have access to millions of records that sets us apart from others in he industry.

Hence, with the largest data mines of auction history and records of millions of vehicles, we are offering an auction history API.

If you’re in an automotive business that deals with imports and exports of vehicles and you buy vehicles from auto auctions, his information is a must have.

We are the leading providers of high quality auction photos. You can get 10+ images of a single vehicle.

Get instant access to auction history and photos with auction history API.


Components of an auction history:

Benefits of auction history

As a dealer you can:

As an importer and exporter of vehicles you can:

Product features

Classic vehicle auctions

Modern vehicle auctions

Fast response-Easy integration

Credit only charged when there is a record

Auction History Data for Classic and New Cars

We cover auction history records for all cars:

Here is an example of a vehicle listed for auction

    "status": "success",
    "data": [
            "sale_index": "sold-1",
            "price": "N/A",
            "sale status": "Sold",
            "vname": "1930 Ford Model A",
            "lot-number": "0-25908422",
            "car-features": {
                "Has_Keys": "yes",
                "Runs_Drives": "no",
                "Engine_Starts": "no"
            "title-and-condition": {
                "Title Type": "Registration",
                "Title Description": "TITLE DELAY",
                "Primary Damage": "Unknown",
                "Secondary Damage": "N/A",
                "VIN": "A304656",
                "Common": "N/A"
            "technical-specs": {
                "Odometer": "11,075 mi (17,823 km)",
                "Estimated Repair Cost": "$0",
                "Avg. Estimated Retail Value": "N/A",
                "Damage Ratio": "N/A",
                "Estimated Winning Bid": "N/A",
                "Body Style": "N/A",
                "Color": "N/A",
                "Engine Type": "",
                "Fuel Type": "N/A",
                "Cylinders": "N/A",
                "Transmission": "Unknown",
                "Drive": ""
            "sale-date-location": {
                "Seller Type": "No information",
                "Auction Date": "09-03-2019",
                "Auction Type": "N/A",
                "Location": "Long Island (NY)",
                "Buyer Country": "N/A"
            "listing-history": {
                "2019-09-03": "Sold N/A"
            "year": "1930",
            "make": "1930 FORD MODEL A",
            "model": "",
            "images": [
            "market-value": {},
            "vin": "A304656"

Here is an example of a vehicle listed for auction:  

  "data": [
      "sale_index": "sold-1",
      "price": "$2,500",
      "sale status": "Vehicle sold at this price",
      "vname": "2016 FORD ESCAPE",
      "lot-number": "Stock: Stock:",
      "car-features": {
        "Runs_Drives": "no",
        "Engine_Starts": "no",
        "Has_Keys": "yes"
      "title-and-condition": {
        "Title Type": "Salvage",
        "Title Description": "new Jersey - Salvage",
        "Primary Damage": "Front End",
        "VIN": "1FMCU0G93GUB08696",
        "Common": "195 auctioned yearly"
      "technical-specs": {
        "Odometer": "98,042 actual miles8,974 less than average",
        "Estimated Repair Cost": "$10,676",
        "Estimated Retail Value": "$12,509",
        "Avg. Estimated Retail Value": "$15,252",
        "Damage Ratio": "85%",
        "Estimated Winning Bid": "$3,377 - $4,127",
        "Body Style": "Sport Utility Vehicle",
        "Color": "White",
        "Engine Type": "2.0L 4 FI DOHC 16V F",
        "Fuel Type": "Gasoline",
        "Cylinders": "4",
        "Transmission": "Automatic",
        "Drive": "Front Wheel Drive",
        "City Mileage": "23 miles/gallon",
        "Delivery Charges": "$895",
        "Highway Mileage": "32 miles/gallon",
        "Standard Seating": "5",
        "Engine Size": "1.6 Liters",
        "Invoice Price": "$24,049",
        "Vehicle Style": "SUV (4-Door)",
        "Engine": "2.0L L4 DOHC 16V",
        "Made In": "United States",
        "Vehicle Size": "Compact",
        "Overall Length": "178.10 inches",
        "Steering Type": "R&P",
        "Anti-Brake System": "4-Wheel ABS",
        "Fuel Capacity": "15.5 gallon",
        "Overall Height": "66.30 inches",
        "Doors": "4",
        "Curb Weight": "3515",
        "Trim": "SE",
        "Overall Width": "72.40 inches",
        "Transmission Gears": "6",
        "MSRP": "$25,790"
      "sale-date-location": {
        "Seller Type": "Insurance Company",
        "Seller Name": "Progressive Casualty Insurance",
        "Auction Date": "January 21, {year} 2:00 PM CST",
        "Location": "Southern new Jersey, NJ"
      "listing-history": {},
      "year": "2016",
      "make": "FORD",
      "model": "ESCAPE",
      "images": [
      "market-value": {
        "Price Range": "$775 - $5,500",
        "Common Price": "$2,050",
        "Avergae Price": "$2,402",
        "Weighted Average Price": "$2,098",
        "Median Price": "$2,125"

White - label to resell data under your own brand

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, you just need to realign it.

Benefits of white - labeling:

Types of vehicles we have reports for:

When it comes to vehicle history reports and VIN lookups, we take pride in having vehicle history reports for cars, SUVs, trucks, minivans, hatchbacks, convertibles, motorbikes, and even trailers. Here is a list of vehicles, we can assist you with:
SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles)
Jeep & safari rovers
Pick-up trucks
Commercial vehicles
Light trucks
Service vans
Classic vehicles
Hybrid vehicles
Sports cars
MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles)


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