Audi API

The Audi API is a valuable suite of tools designed to assist dealerships and businesses in delivering comprehensive vehicle information and records to their customers who are interested in Audi automobiles. These APIs provide access to vast automotive databases, enabling dealerships and other automotive companies to cater to their customers' requirements efficiently.

Various Audi APIs By Vehicle Databases

Cars API

Vehicle Databases is one of the leading providers of automotive APIs to dealerships and other automotive businesses. With the application programming interface provided by Vehicle Databases, companies can provide services seamlessly and automatically to customers through their websites and applications. Some of the Audi APIs provided by Vehicles Databases include

  • The Audi vehicle recall API,
  • The Audi window sticker API,
  • The Audi VIN decoding API,
  • The Audi market value API,
  • The Audi vehicle specifications API, and others.

Audi Window Sticker API

Window stickers are referred to as the “buyer’s guide” and help consumers determine the best vehicle for their needs with just one look at the vehicle specifications provided. With the Audi window sticker API, dealerships can provide accurate warranty information, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), interior and exterior features, safety and security features, vehicle specifications (year, make, model, engine specifications, etc.), NHTSA safety ratings, and more information to Audi owners or buyers through their websites and applications.

Audi API


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VIN Decoding API for Audi

The VIN decoding API for Audi and the Vehicle History API are great resources for automotive businesses providing vehicle history reports to their customers. When Audi buyers visit dealerships to purchase used Audis, they want to learn about the vehicle specifications, manufacturer information, and history of Audis in the inventory. Car buyers expect dealerships to be able to answer the questions they have to ask.

Having the vehicle specifications, manufacturer information, and vehicle history readily available on a company’s website with Audi Vehicle APIs increases credibility and further increases sales. After a successful call, the VIN decoding API for Audi provides accurate vehicle specifications and the Audi vehicle history API returns the accident history, damage history, lien and loan records, theft records, and others.

Audi Market Value API

The Audi market value API provided by Vehicle Databases is another necessary Audi vehicle API for dealerships and automotive businesses. Knowing the fair market value of vehicles helps customers negotiate properly and choose the best vehicle for their needs and budgets.

With the Audi market value API provided by Vehicles Databases through their applications and websites, dealerships and other automotive businesses can accurately offer trade-in, private party, and dealer retail prices of vehicles based on their conditions.


Get a free account with free trial credits & test our APIs easily!


Get a free account with free trial credits & test our APIs easily!

Audi Specifications API

The Audi specifications API is designed for dealerships and other automotive businesses to provide accurate vehicle data to consumers. Some of the information provided by the Audi specifications API include the year, make, model, trim, trim variations, doors, engine, fuel type, manufacturer information, vehicle category, type and style, seating gears, transmission gears, transmission type, and more. With the accurate vehicle specifications provided for customers through websites and applications, they may be able to make informed decisions.

Other Audi Vehicle Data APIs By Vehicle Databases

For applications, Vehicle Databases offers OCR VIN services. With this API, VINs can be easily detected on mobile devices via scanning. With the high-tech Optical Character Recognition engine, VINs can be easily scanned and identified from VIN plates, vehicle documents, and barcodes, thereby removing the need to enter VINs manually. Other Audi car data APIs offered by Vehicle Databases include the Audi vehicle recall API, the Audi vehicle media API for promotions and marketing, the Audi auction history APIs, the Audi maintenance APIs, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

An Audi auction history API is an application programming interface that allows dealerships and automotive businesses to provide auction history to customers. With the Audi auction history API provided by Vehicle Databases, dealerships are able to provide vehicles' technical specs, images, market value, and auction data to consumers through their websites and applications.

An Audi VIN decoding API provided by Vehicle Databases provides accurate vehicle specifications as well as information on the vehicle during manufacture. This information is provided to customers through websites and applications. The vehicle specifications provided include model, year, trim, engine specifications, manufacturer information, transmission, drive train, vehicle dimensions, brakes, suspensions, and more.

An Audi vehicle history API, on the other hand, can be used to generate vehicle history reports for customers through a dealership’s website or application. The vehicle history report generated by a vehicle history API call may contain auction history, sales records, maintenance records, lien and loan records, open recalls, and other vehicle history information.

To call the Audi vehicle media API after successful integration into an application or website, the customer would be required to provide the make, model, year, and trim, or the Audi’s VIN.