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vehicle media api

When it comes to vehicle information, we have, nowadays, tons of information available. We get to know the past of a used vehicle before buying it, if it has accident records, if it was sold in an auction, among many other things. One amazing feature that technology allowed us to have access to, is the availability of auction pictures of vehicles. This means we can see images of the state of the vehicle during the auction. Amazing, right? And what’s even better, is that you can access an API to have this data available and integrated into your application or website. Want to know a bit more about this vehicle media API? Let’s dig into it in this article.

What is vehicle media API?

The vehicle media API gives your company access to a huge database of high-resolution vehicle media. Our media service covers all types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs and vans of any year, make or model. Our database has more than 7000 images of most of the vehicles located in the USA, made since the year 2007.

How can I access those pictures?

Once you subscribe to our vehicle media API, you only need to enter either the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the year, make, model and trim of the vehicle. Our system will return a json file with all the high-quality images available for that vehicle.

What are images useful for?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some of the benefits from the vehicle media API:

  • You can catch your customers and audience’s attention by showing them visual content, which is always appreciated, useful and wanted. Mostly when it comes to used vehicles. 
  • Your business can benefit by offering pictures of the vehicles, enhancing your products. 
  • Images are good for vehicle marketing, branding and advertising.
  • Having images on your vehicle inventories and classifieds sites will leverage your products. 
  • Images are useful in car forums and in blog entries.

Our car stock library has a collection of images, ranging from complete still sets, front, side and rear shots, exterior and interior shots, splash images, and background images meeting the standards of your business.

You can get instant access to marketing friendly, and industry compliant vehicle media with our vehicle media API services. Get access to vehicle media to fulfill your business needs! You can book a demo with us and get started now.

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