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Data accuracy

We support developers, startups, enterprises with the most accurate vehicle data

Easy integration

Out-of-the-box suite of APIs to cut cost significantly and save countless development hours


Robust and consistent APIs for developer communities offering value beyond simply calling endpoints

Scale with confidence

Grow your business with ease by consuming high-value reusable digital assets

Why choose us?

Leading cloud based web services

Vehicle Databases APIs are built on industry-leading cloud servers providing data resiliency and data security.

Documented APIs

Full fledged documentation of Vehicle Databases API calls for easy integration and implementation of our APIs.

Restful API

Vehicle Databases APIs are REST APIs and all responses are delivered in JSON format.

Status and error codes

Vehicle Databases API endpoints returns status and error codes as a part of the call response body.

No system lags

Our system responses to API calls are faster and there are minimal to zero lags.

Authentication and authorization

High entropy API keys are required for authentication and authorization.

OCR API services

OCR API - scan and extract VINs instantly.

Vehicle Databases provides an optical character recognition solution that is easy to operate and implement. Our powerful and fast OCR API technology can be integrated into your app or website seamlessly. Our powerful automotive VIN scanner efficiently extracts and reads VINs from any image, barcodes, documents, titles, or receipts. The feature improves the efficiency as it is faster than manual data entry, thus eliminating the chances of error while typing.


Scan VIN numbers on titles, insurance documents, receipts, invoices and stickers


Recognizes license plates and support license plate scanning and decoding in US and UK


Scan barcodes with efficient VIN barcode scanner

vehicle database api
VIN Decoder API

VIN decoder API services

Utilize our 100 % accurate VIN decoder API to get vehicle details.

Our VIN decoder API is a reliable way to decode vehicle information for businesses. Our proprietary VIN decoding technology translates VINs to exact trims in no time. Over the years, we have improved our trim detecting technology to provide accurate vehicle data. If you run an automobile business and check vehicle data daily, then our VIN decoding API is what you need to get accurate vehicle details.

Accepts VIN and barcodes

Accepts license plates

Suggestions for incorrect or partial VIN numbers

Support for classic and European VIN decoding

Vehicle specifications API

Need extended vehicle specifications by VIN, more than just basic details? Get access to the largest database of vehicle data.

An absolute solution that provides access to a library of vehicle specification data covering the make and model of a car with year, trim, equipment, engine, colors, and more. Our advanced VIN decoding API can detect trims with the highest accuracy and returns trim-specific vehicle specifications data. Over the years, we have improved our trim detecting accuracy to provide accurate and reliable vehicle specifications API data.


Captures VINs on titles, insurance documents, receipts, invoices and stickers


Accepts barcodes and returns back vehicle information and specifications


Accepts license plates and returns VIN with detailed vehicle specifications

Vehicle specifications API
vehicle market value API

Vehicle market value API

Get access to trade-in, retail, private party, and vehicle's current market value based on its condition.

Our vehicle market value API service allows you to get instant access to any vehicle’s accurate market value pricing. We compute used and new car values by analyzing millions of actual sales transactions and auction prices. We update our records every month to provide accurate used and new car, trade-in, retail and private party values.

Market value of used and
new vehicles

Market value from year, make, model, trim, colors and mileage.

Retail, trade-in, private party and current market values

Market value based on car condition i.e outstanding, clean, average or poor

Vehicle services API

Leverage the highly curated vehicle services data to increase your revenue.

We have accurate and up-to-date auto services databases curated with service, maintenance and repair data for millions of vehicles. We have data for cars, trucks, trailers, SUVs, motorcycles, light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles businesses can leverage through our vehicle services APIs.

We have 7 APIs relative to vehicle services that includes:

Access our vehicle services APIs to get maintenance data covering all upcoming maintenance schedules, car warranty information, safety recalls and more.

auto maintenance database
Vehicle history API

Vehicle history API

Vehicle history is no more a mystery - get the key to any vehicle’s past.

Does your business need to check for vehicle history reports? We  provide detailed vehicle history in US and Canada through vehicle history API. Get raw vehicle history data or use our comprehensive vehicle history reports for your business purpose that contains valuable information, including car title history, lien or loan records, theft records, car accident history, safety recalls, auction history records and photos, service records, repair history, sales history and many more important items.

Vehicle history report API

Auction history API

Service and repair history API

Sales history API

Vehicle media API

Get access to the hub of vehicle media.

High-quality media is essential for many reasons, whether it’s vehicle listings, business marketing, or a new training tool. Use our extensive automotive media services to enhance your product offerings. We are confident that our vehicle media API assets containing thousands of vehicle will match your business needs and most budgets. 

Car image API
Window sticker API

Window sticker API

Leverage window sticker API to get every manufacturer's most detailed build sheet.

For the first time in the automotive industry, Vehicle Databases introduces a window sticker API service also known as monroney label. We have meticulously compiled the vehicle data with our expertise and years of extensive research. We can identify correct vehicle packages and features with proprietary technology to detect vehicle trim accurately, leaving the guesswork out of the equation. An informed consumer can, indeed, be the best customer. Help your customers make an informed decision and earn their trust and profit both.

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