How Can Vehicle Information APIs Be Helpful For Your Businesses?

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APIs are great solutions for almost anything. They are technological tools, easy to integrate with any website or application, which can level up your business and take it to the next level. We may be familiar with some popular APIs, such as, for example, google maps. We can get Maps API and integrate it into our website or app to provide routes, paths and GPS tools. Of course you can build your own map databases, but that would take a lot of time, effort and money. So, usually the best option is to get an API from companies which are dedicated to collecting information throughout the years. But still you may question how vehicle information APIs can be useful. Let’s find out about what these API can be good for in your business.

1. You can know when to service or do maintenance to the vehicles in stock

The vehicle services API that we offer gives you and your business access to service data of any vehicle, including maintenance and repair records, as well as open recalls for the vehicle. This information is very important for your dealership, since you can have all your vehicles in stock up to date, and even repair them before an issue becomes a problem. When it comes to recalls, your business will be able to know which repairs you may need to have done on your vehicles. This API also provides repair pricing, which means you can know beforehand the investment you need to make in order to repair a vehicle.

2. You can generate window sticker for all your vehicles in stock

Window stickers are mandatory in the USA. This document that goes attached in the window of every vehicle that is sold is not easy to find nor generate. What can be better than to generate it yourself? If you integrate this API, you can create unlimited window stickers in just a few clicks. The window sticker provides interior and exterior specifications, standard and additional packages, governmental ratings, fuel economy, among many other details.

3. You can get the market value for any vehicle

You probably wonder and give some thought to what price to set your vehicles in stock. This API will solve your life, since it provides you accurate vehicle market value information, based on the average price for a particular vehicle, its make, model, trim, year, mileage and condition. This is an estimation taking into account the value of used and new cars with the same year, make and model, and also based on market trend analysis across North America.

4. You can decode VIN of any vehicle to confirm its details and confirm there were no alterations on the VIN

Fraud and alterations on VIN numbers are becoming more and more common. When this happens, it’s usually because the vehicle was involved in a huge problem such as stealing or title loss. With the VIN decoding API you can input any VIN and see if the information that returns matches with the information you have on the vehicle. Our database has thousands of records from government agencies and departments, which guarantees the accuracy of the information we provide.

5. You can get vehicle historical information

You can dig into the history of any vehicle you are considering to add to your stock beforehand. Get to know if it was involved in an accident, if it was stolen, what use did it have, how many owners did it have, if it has keys and if the engine works properly, among other things. If you consider this before getting the car, you may save a lot of money and headaches for your company. 

There are even more benefits of integrating vehicle information API into your dealership. If you want to see more about how this works, do not hesitate to book a demo with us, where we can also help you choose the best API for your business. Get started today!

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