What Is The Window Sticker API? Everything You Need To Know

window sticker API

The window sticker API provided by Vehicle Databases is a restful API that integrates seamlessly with your websites, applications, and business tools providing your business with vehicle features and specifications peculiar to a window sticker.

Windows stickers provide a means of building trust and creating transparency between buyers and dealerships. Buyers are looking for information, this same information is readily available in a windows sticker.

The window sticker or Moroney label is a document required by law to display the essential and special features of a vehicle. At a glance, a customer can see the price tag of a vehicle and all the necessary information about the vehicle. Normally, the window sticker(s) are attached to the car by the manufacturer.

However as time goes by the sticker might be torn away, especially from a used or second-hand vehicle, this is where the question comes in, “how do I get a window sticker API or Monroney label for my business needs?

Vehicle Databases window sticker API provides data useful in replicating the information available in the original manufacturer’s window sticker for every vehicle. 

Vehicles Databases is among the few companies that offer window sticker APIs for all manufacturers and models. Dealerships and other auto-allied businesses can leverage this API and enhance their growth. 

The window stickers API provided by Vehicle Databases has a large number of applications that can be applied to a wide range of situations. 

Get Window Sticker API for your business

“APIs have moved from a one-off development challenge to a competitive business advantage. The speed of change, driven by the proliferation of applications, is taking us from connecting one-off applications to thinking at platform scale,” said Ross Garrett, Chief Product Officer at Cloud Elements.

Would you like to enhance your business growth by leveraging the opportunities that abound in this era of API? Surely you will want to.

Vehicle Databases window sticker API, enables auto parts suppliers and distributors, fleet maintenance personnel, vehicle procurement personnel, dealerships, car inventory managers, auto mechanics, classified sites, and used car buyers and sellers, to reproduce the original manufacturer window stickers with 100% data accuracy!

They can leverage the JSON response usually received after a window sticker data is called to produce not just the original manufacturer’s windows sticker but also have the ability to customize the final output to bear their brand name, logo, and other desired attributes.

What are the uses of the Window Sticker API?

Expansion into new markets

The window sticker API has proved to be of great value to all who have been utilizing it, in a recent interview with the founder of Instant VIN Reports he said “With Vehicle Databases window sticker API, we now have the ability to expand our business world over, reaching as many buyer and sellers as well as many dealerships.”

Reproduction of OEM windows sticker

The major usage of the window sticker API is to reproduce the original manufacturer’s window sticker, when this window sticker has been replicated it can help businesses as they will serve as price indicators enabling potential car buyers to determine if the vehicle is one that they would like to purchase.

Effective and efficient use of auction sites

The window sticker data from the window sticker API helps you when sourcing cars in the auction market, it provides you with the needed specifications readily enabling a smoother transaction.

Enhancing business potential and boosting profits

During bidding processes data culled from the API can help you in ensuring that any vehicle you are to buy will be one that supports your business objectives, and goals and above all enhance your profit level.

Offline auctions are becoming old-fashioned, the majority of buying decisions are now made online, arm yourself with this digital product and drive more sales.

How to call the window sticker API

You can call the windows sticker API by using any of the following methods:

  1. Year, make, model and trim
  2. We can also call the API using the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number)
  3. Vehicle License Plate Number.

What are the benefits of windows sticker API

The following are the benefits associated with window stickers created from the window sticker API: 

A business/partnership opportunity

The window sticker provides excellent opportunities for businesses operating in the automotive industry to expand their frontiers. They can reproduce and retail our window stickers and increase their revenue.

An attention grabber

A well-customized window sticker embedded in a car will surely grab the attention of any potential customer, making it possible to achieve sales as the window sticker will serve as a salesman also.

Brand awareness and preservation

Window stickers provided via our Vehicle Databases API can easily be customized to suit the brand of our clients, it preserves their brand while ensuring that the major information is not lost.

Makes dealerships to be law-abiding

Law-abiding auto dealers understand the importance of window stickers because it makes their business compliant with the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958.


In a nutshell, the window sticker offers you all the basic information a potential car buyer needs at a glance.

Let us have a quick rundown of the information obtainable in a  window sticker via our window sticker API, however, this is not an exhaustive list.


  • Basic Vehicle Description

Window stickers readily provide you with information such as the Make, Model, Year, and trim of the vehicle in question.

  • Warranty Information

Monroney spells out the powertrain warranty lengths, roadside assistance packages, and every other offer the manufacturer made available.

  • Standard Operational Equipment 

This section of the sticker gives detailed information on the operational features of the vehicle such as the tire and its size, the engine, and its specifications, it goes up to the safety ratings of the car, such as the seatbelt, airbag, etc. If there are special operational features added by the manufacturer it is also spelled out in this section.

  • Fuel Economy and Environment

All window stickers must display city, highway, and combined fuel economy ratings as directed by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency in 2013. The fuel consumption ratio is one of the things considered by buyers when bidding or purchasing a car. Buyers know that a car with a low combustion ratio can be really economical, our window sticker displays this information to them and help them get the car that will best serve their needs.


  • Safety ratings

This section of the Monroney shows results of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) results if the results are available. The NCAP uses a star rating to give the buyer an insight into the vehicle’s accident protection and overall safety of the vehicle.

  • Total Price

This is one of the most important aspects of the window sticker, it displays the selling price. This benefits both the buyer and the dealer.

  • Information about the Parts

The place where the parts of a particular vehicle were made is sometimes different from where it is assembled, this section gives the buyer information about the car parts manufacture and assemblage.

  • The QR Code

By scanning this QR code with your smartphone, you’re directed to the EPA website where you can customize driving stats to see what your fuel economy might be.

  • Smog Emission

This section gives information about air pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter.

  • Driving Range

This information is mainly for electric cars, this section shows how long it takes the vehicle to charge and discharge under some given conditions 

Get Window Sticker API for your Business

Vehicles Databases is among the few companies that offer window sticker APIs for all manufacturers and models. Dealerships and other auto-allied businesses can leverage this API and enhance their growth. 


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