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Edmunds api alternative

Are you in need of an Edmunds API for your automotive business?

Access to accurate vehicle data is a game-changer in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

Whether you’re running a car dealership, building a mobile app for car enthusiasts, or managing an automotive service center, having reliable and up-to-date information can make all the difference.

That’s where the Edmunds API, Vehicle Databases’ APIs, and other alternatives come into play. In this article, we will explore the Edmunds API and other options available to automotive businesses.

Understanding the Edmunds API: What is the Edmunds API?

The Edmunds API, short for Edmunds Developer API, is a valuable resource for automotive businesses and developers.

It provides access to a wide range of vehicle-related data, including detailed specifications, pricing information, market trends, and more.

With the Edmunds Open API or any of its alternatives integrated into your applications or systems, you can enhance your offerings and provide customers with comprehensive vehicle information.

Edmunds API Alternative For Dealers & Automotive Businesses

While the Edmunds API is a reputable and reliable source of automotive data, it has alternatives that can be extremely reliable and provide more vehicle information. Vehicle Databases is one of these alternatives that would suit your specific business needs.

We offer a comprehensive suite of APIs similar to Edmunds and they provide even more comprehensive data. These APIs cover various aspects of vehicle data, including VIN decoding, vehicle history reports, Edmunds API pricing information, and more. One advantage of Vehicle Databases is our competitive pricing and flexibility in accommodating businesses of all sizes.

Vehicle Databases vs Edmunds: Why Choose Vehicle Databases for Your Automotive Needs

Selecting the right API for your automotive business depends on your specific goals and requirements and with Vehicle Databases, you can be sure to meet your needs. Vehicle Databases, in particular, stands out as a robust API provider of Edmunds API alternatives, Kelley Blue Book API alternatives, Carfax API alternatives, and other car APIs. Here’s why you should consider Vehicle Databases for your automotive business:

Competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

Vehicle Databases understands the significance of cost-effectiveness for businesses, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their pricing models are designed to be competitive, ensuring that you can access valuable vehicle data without straining your budget.

Diverse APIs

Diverse APIs

Vehicle Databases offers a suite of APIs that cover a wide range of vehicle-related data needs. Whether you require VIN decoding, vehicle history reports, pricing information, or specifications, they have you covered with their comprehensive APIs.


Extensive Documentation

Integrating APIs into your systems can be a complex task, but Vehicle Databases makes it straightforward with their extensive documentation. Whether you’re an experienced developer or new to Application Programming Interface integration, their comprehensive guides and SDKs will help you get started smoothly.

Easy integration

Easy Integration

Integrating APIs into your existing systems is a hassle-free process. You can quickly incorporate these APIs into your website, applications, or other software to provide your customers with real-time vehicle information.

Language flexibility

Language Flexibility

Regardless of your preferred programming language, Vehicle Databases support a wide range of development environments. This flexibility allows you to choose the language that best suits your team’s expertise.

Vin Lookup

VIN Lookup Functionality

Just like the Edmunds API, Vehicle Databases provides VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) lookup capabilities and tools. This means you can retrieve detailed information about a specific vehicle by simply inputting its VIN.

In summary, here are the data points you can access with Vehicle Databases compared with Edmunds.

Edmunds API alternative: Vehicle Databases

Comparison / API Names

Vehicle Databases


Vehicle Specifications API

Make, model, year, trim, doors, vehicle size,  engine information, transmission information, dimensions, drive train, braking, suspension, colors, seating information, weight, market, fuel economy, and other specs.

Make, model, year, style, engine and transmission, colors and options, equipment, VIN decoding, and squish VIN.

Vehicle Price/Market Value API

Trade-in, Private party and Retail values.

True Cost to Own, True Market Value

Vehicle Maintenance API

OEM Maintenance Schedules

OEM Maintenance Schedules

Vehicle Recalls API

Date of recall issue, Campaign number, Manufacturer recall number, Component/auto part at safety risk, Date of manufacture, Summary of the issue, Consequence of the issue if not resolved, Remedy to fix the issue, Number of units affected

Manufacturer’s recall information

Vehicle Safety API

Safety equipment and NHTSA and IIHS Rating

Safety ratings

Premium Plus VIN Decode API

Vehicle name, make, model, year, body type, doors, vehicle size, engine type, number of cylinders, engine displacement, horsepower, torque, compression ratio, transmission information, dimensions, braking types, diameter, thickness, suspension, interior color, exterior colors, seating, wheels and tires, market value, fuel economy, fuel type, fuel capacity, mechanical and powertrain features, safety features, interior features, exterior features, and more.

Vehicle details, including color, MPG, price, dealership details and more

Vehicle Media API

Industry and OEM compliant images, vehicle imagery mapped based on year, make, make, model and trim, High resolution vehicle media, Vehicle images of every USA made vehicle since the year 1999- present.

Inventories photo content

Choosing Vehicle Databases and their suite of APIs empowers your automotive business to access accurate and up-to-date vehicle information while benefiting from competitive pricing, extensive documentation, easy integration, and support for various programming languages. Whether you're looking to enhance customer experiences or make your operations easy, Vehicle Databases offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A car API (Application Programming Interface) provides a standardized way for developers and automotive businesses to interact with vehicle-related data and gather information. It gives consumers access to details such as vehicle make, model, year, manufacturer information, license plate information, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), mileage, fuel efficiency, and more through your mobile apps and websites.

No, cars.com does not provide an API to the general public for use. Vehicle Databases, however, provides a solution with their wide range of APIs. With our car valuation and VIN decoding APIs, you can build your own classifieds website and provide even better services than cars.com.

To use the alternative car APIs we provide, simply register to use our 15 free credits, get your free API key, and explore the APIs we provide. After the trial period is over, you can contact us or book a demo and we will be happy to guide you in integration and utilization

Yes, you are welcome to use the APIs from our API platform and the information they provide for your mobile applications, website, and automotive services. Using the API offers access to accurate data like Edmunds data (vehicle pricing data), vehicle specifications, history records, and other vehicle information.

No, there are no free interface programs for dealerships. However, we offer a free trial period that allows access to APIs for free.


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