Which Is The Best API To Get Information About Cars?

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Nowadays, there are a lot of useful APIs for the automotive industry. There are more and more companies providing different APIs to gather almost any kind of information on cars: historical records, accident data, auction information and images, among others. Choosing for an API to integrate with your mobile application or company website is usually the easiest solution to gather tons of information just a click away. It’s beneficial not only for your company, but mainly for your customers, to offer them the best and most complete service. 

But you may wonder which is the best API out there, since the options are infinite. In this article we are going to present to you the API that is, in our opinion, the best option to get information about cars.

So many APIs, so much information… which API should you choose?

We know it is difficult to choose the best API for your mobile application or website. There are so many options and possibilities on the automotive market, that is usually hard to decide. It’s not always feasible to have more than one API integrated, due to budget or just because you are getting started and want to give a first try to the API world. Although all automotive APIs are great and useful, we came to think that our favorite option is the vehicle history API.

Vehicle history API: Why?

The reason behind this API being our favorite is that it’s one of the most complete. It gives a full overview of the past of the vehicle, including records such as:

  • Title records
  • Theft or accident information
  • Recalls
  • Lien or loan records
  • Auction records and pictures
  • Services and repairs
  • Number of owners
  • Odometer readings
  • And many more!

This API is one of the most comprehensive, including data for thousands of vehicles across the USA, Canada and UK.

Automotive API

How do I access this information?

Accessing all the vehicle history is very simple: you just need a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or a License Plate (supported only in the UK and USA), and in a matter of seconds you will get all the information available for that vehicle. You will get a json file with all the data we found for that particular vehicle.

For which vehicles do you provide information?

We have information for almost ANY vehicle! Including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorbikes
  • Jeep and safari vehicles
  • Vans
  • Classic vehicles (from 1981 and before)
  • Motorhomes

And many more!

Where do we get this data from?

We have a massive database with information gathered from government agencies like NMVTIS, the Department of motor vehicles, insurance companies, repair stores, and more. These sources ensure the credibility of our data, with which your business can build amazing products for your users. 

Of course, there are many different automotive APIs and it’s tough to make a choice about which one is the best. Still, we think that vehicle history API is a great and comprehensive start or an amazing complement for your services and products. 

You can schedule a demo with us, where we can give you an overview of this API, and improve your company, giving it added value.

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