VIN suggestions API: Ensure VIN validation

Instantly correct mistyped VINs and ensure accurate vehicle identification with the VIN Suggestions API.

Vin detection sample

No more errors! Our VIN Suggestion API corrects mistyped VINs

For automotive businesses actively involved in VIN decoding and other services requiring VIN entry, our VIN OCR API is the best solution for you. Our OCR technology can identify the VIN on any vehicle, document, receipt, window sticker, and more and return a JSON and text file containing the identified VIN number.

Benefits of the VIN Suggestion API

  • VIN Correction for End Customers: By integrating the VIN Suggestion API into your business applications and websites, you can provide real-time suggestions to end customers who may have mistyped their VINs.
  • Internal VIN Verification: Within your organization, the VIN Suggestion API can be utilized to validate and correct VINs, resulting in accurate record-keeping, inventory management, and parts identification.

Features of the VIN suggestion API

icon detection

Mistyped VIN detection

icon vin suggestion

Suggestion generation for correct VINs


Year, make, and model information retrieval

Classic car

Support for VINs from 1982 - present

icon json

JSON response format

Detailed list of suggested VINs

Detailed list of suggested VIN numbers

Seemless integration

Seamless integration into applications

Robust support

Robust support and documentation

How does the API work?

The VIN Suggestion API functions by:

The response is provided in JSON format, ensuring easy integration into your web and mobile applications. 
  "status": "success",
  "data": [
          "suggestedVin": "4A4MM41S74E019658",
          "description": "2004 MITSUBISHI/ENDEAVOR LIMITED/3.8L V6    F SOHC",
          "substitution": "(Substituted: E in position 11)",
          "modelYear": "2004",
          "makeName": "MITSUBISHI",
          "seriesName": "ENDEAVOR LIMITED",
          "numOfHistoryRecords": "59"
          "suggestedVin": "4A4MW31S743019658",
          "description": "2004 MITSUBISHI/MONTERO XLS/3.8L SOHC V6 MFI",
          "substitution": "(Transposed: MW starting in position 5)",
          "modelYear": "2004",
          "makeName": "MITSUBISHI",
          "seriesName": "MONTERO XLS",
          "numOfHistoryRecords": "1"
          "suggestedVin": "4A4NW51S743019658",
          "description": "2004 MITSUBISHI/MONTERO LIMITED/3.8L SOHC V6 MFI",
          "substitution": "(Substituted: N in position 4)",
          "modelYear": "2004",
          "makeName": "MITSUBISHI",
          "seriesName": "MONTERO LIMITED",
          "numOfHistoryRecords": "1"

Vin suggestions API

Getting started with the VIN Suggestion API

To allow for VIN Validation and accurate data return in your application and business, you will need to:

The response is provided in JSON format, ensuring easy integration into your web and mobile applications. 

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Several businesses within the automotive industry can benefit from integrating the VIN Suggestion API into their web and mobile applications. Here are a few examples of businesses and their respective use cases:

Cars dealership

Automotive Dealerships

Improve inventory accuracy and customer transactions by suggesting correct VINs in real-time during vehicle searches.

Car parts

Auto Parts Retailers

Enhance e-commerce platforms and point-of-sale systems by suggesting accurate VINs for customers searching for compatible parts.

Easy integration

Automotive Service Providers

Optimize appointment booking and diagnostics by validating VINs and suggesting corrections for efficient service operations.

car Insurance company

Insurance Companies

Ensure accurate policy documentation and fraud detection by validating and suggesting corrections for customer-provided VINs.


Vehicle History Report Providers

Enhance reliability and trust in reports by validating and correcting VINs for accurate vehicle information.

Search analysis

Automotive Research and Data Analysis

Improve accuracy in research, market analysis, and data analytics by validating and correcting VINs within datasets for precise insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The VIN Suggestion API is a tool that helps users correct mistyped Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) by providing suggestions for the correct VINs, along with detailed year, make, and model information.
You can validate a VIN number by using the Vehicle Databases’ VIN Suggestion API’s validation feature. Simply input the VIN, and the API will verify its validity or suggest an accurate VIN.
This API after a successful integration assists in VIN correction through suggestions of similar VINs.

Several businesses within the automotive industry can benefit from the VIN rewrite tool, including automotive dealerships, auto parts retailers, automotive service providers, insurance companies, vehicle history report providers, and automotive research and data analysis firms.

If you suspect that the dealership sold you a car with an incorrect VIN number, immediately contact the dealership to rectify the situation and ensure the accurate documentation of your vehicle.