VIN decoder API

Decode VINs in a matter of seconds with VIN decoder API.

VIN decoder API

Leverage our years of experience in VIN decoding services paired with our best-in-class technology to scale up your business.

Whether you’re in the automotive business or the insurance industry, running daily VIN checks is important for you.

We know your business needs and provide you with vehicle data. Our self-built vehicle API databases are meticulously curated and powered by data from NMVTIS, DMV, government and state agencies, including manufacturers across the USA, UK, and Canada. Our VIN decoding technology translates VINs to exact trims with the highest accuracy.

Vehicle Databases basic VIN decoding API will give you access to the following information on any car, truck, SUVs, passenger vehicles, light, medium, or heavy-duty vehicles, and motorcycles.

img Year

img Make

img Model

img Trim

Product features

Accepts all VINs (17 characters worldwide)
Supports decoding of license plates (UK and USA)
Suggests correct VINs if an error has been detected
Accurate response for vehicle year, make, model, and trim
Support for classic or antique vehicles (VIN less than 17 characters)
Detects incorrect or partial VIN numbers
Want access to detailed vehicle information? Explore our VIN specifications API or vehicle history API.

Versatility in image inputs for VIN decoding

Decode any VIN, barcode, or license plate number instantly.

Use any image be it documents, receipts, registration records, title records, invoices, or stickers to get instant access to detailed vehicle data.

VIN Barcode Scanning API

Decode VINs, barcodes and plates

VIN decoder API

When you upload an image containing VIN, within seconds we decode it to provide you with vehicle make, year model, and trim through VIN decoder API.

Barcode decoder API

When you upload barcode images we scan it through our high-tech OCR technology and give you a quick response in terms of a VIN number through the VIN scanner API.

License plate decoder API

When you upload an image containing a license plate number, we decode it to vehicle data that you see on your screens through our powerful license plate decoder API.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I decode a VIN?

Enter the 17 digits VIN or license plate number to call our API and get your VIN decoded.

What is the difference between VIN check and VIN decode?

VIN decoding extracts the information encoded in the 17 digit VIN, as well as additional information about the vehicle at time of production including its basic and technical specifications. On the other hand, VIN check tool is used to check if a vehicle has any issues or records for damage, salvage titles, theft or any other severe issues at a high level yet getting vehicle history reports reveals complete records for any vehicle.

In which countries license plate decoding is supported?

We support license plate decoding in USA and UK.

If I don't have the full VIN, can you match it to the correct one and show vehicle information?

Yes, our VIN decoding technology offers suggestions for incorrect or partial VINs so if you enter any partial or incorrect VIN we detect and offer suggestions to get correct VIN decoded.