How to a Get Classic Car Database with APIs

classic car database

When it comes to the automotive industry, having access to accurate information about cars gives you an advantage over other businesses and if you work with old and classic cars, also known as collector cars, you need all the information you can get.

What if we told you that you can get classic car information anytime, anywhere, and as often as you would like to have it?

In this blog, we will be talking about how to get a classic car database with APIs and provide accurate information to meet your business needs.

What is a Classic Car Database?

A classic car database is a repository of detailed information about vintage and classic automobiles manufactured before 1981.

This database usually contains accurate specifications, production information, and basically everything you need to know about these cars.

A comprehensive database for antique cars serves as a rich source of knowledge for classic car automotive businesses. So, what businesses need classic car databases?

Vehicle Databases: The Most Detailed Classic Car Database

When it comes to classic vehicle databases, none quite matches the level of detail offered by Vehicle Databases with their APIs to automotive businesses.

Our commitment to providing the most comprehensive and accurate information sets us apart as the go-to source for businesses and service providers in the automotive industry.

Not everybody can decode the classic VIN because it is about 5 to 13 digits long, but our APIs have made the likes of Classic Decoder, and others to shine as the top providers in this service. With our classic VIN decoder API, you can easily provide these services in your business:

  • Classic VIN decoding
  • Vehicle history reports
  • Window stickers and build sheets for classic American cars
  • Classic vehicle recalls check
  • Easy parts identification
  • Classic vehicle value, authenticity verification, and more. 

Let’s take a look at the Classic Decoder app and how we developed the “Classic Car VIN Decoder” application to meet their business needs.

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Classic Car VIN Decoder: A Perfect Example of Our APIs in Action

classic vin decoder

Did you know, Classic Decoder is the first automotive business to introduce an app solely for Classic VIN decoding “The Classic Car VIN Decoder.”

The app provides accurate classic car specifications, build sheets, and classic reports and we make sure that all the data points they need to keep customers 100% happy are provided.

With our extensive database and the use of our APIs, they can provide accurate vehicle information with the VIN to customers at any time and anywhere.

Here are samples of products and reports generated with data from Vehicle Databases:

Build Sheet
1963 dodge
Vehicle History Report
1963 dodge

Our tools can provide accurate vehicle history information including; year, make and model information, accurate vehicle specifications, title brand history, accident records, lien records, junk records, theft records, and more.

How can you get started with these vintage car database APIs? Let’s find out in the next section.

What business needs classic car databases?

Several types of businesses can benefit significantly from having access to classic car databases. Here’s a list of businesses that find classic car databases invaluable:

Classic Car Dealerships

Restoration Shops

  • Assists in identifying and sourcing accurate replacement parts and services for antique cars.
  • Offers historical information for authentic restoration projects.
  • Ensures restoration accuracy by referencing original specifications.

Vehicle History Report Providers

  • Enhances the accuracy and completeness of history reports.
  • Easy and instant classic VIN decoding.
  • Provides detailed insights into a vintage car’s auction records, and value.
  • Offers information about past accidents, title issues, theft records, odometer readings, and more.

Classic Car Rental Services

  • Facilitates efficient fleet management and maintenance.
  • Offers historical context for customers renting specific classic models.
  • Supports accurate pricing based on the uniqueness and rarity of cars.

Auto Parts Suppliers

  • Streamlines inventory by categorizing parts based on vintage car models.
  • Assists in identifying compatible parts and engine specs for restoration projects.
  • Enhances customer service by providing accurate information on available parts.

Insurance Companies

  • Facilitates accurate valuation of classic vehicles for insurance purposes.
  • Provides detailed historical data for assessing risk factors.
  • Ensures fair and informed claim settlements for car owners.

Vintage Car Repair and Service Shops

  • Aids in identifying the unique requirements of classic models.
  • Supports accurate diagnosis and repair through detailed specifications.
  • Ensures proper handling of vintage vehicles during maintenance.

Auto Museums

  • Facilitates accurate cataloging and exhibition planning.
  • Enables detailed storytelling about the history of exhibited vehicles.
  • Enhances visitor engagement through interactive displays.
In essence, any business or service dealing with vintage cars, whether directly or indirectly, can benefit from the valuable information provided by Vehicle Databases. These databases contribute to informed decision-making, improved customer experiences, and a deeper appreciation of the unique characteristics of classic cars.

What business needs classic car databases?

Our detailed classic VIN decoder API and vehicle history API are the tools you need to find vintage car history. Visit our free trial page to sign up and get free credits. When you are satisfied with our service, you can integrate our APIs into your mobile or website applications and use this service to meet your business needs.

All you need to do is sign up with Vehicle Databases and integrate the VIN check API of your choice. Afterwards, you can call the classic VIN decoder API or any other API whenever necessary. 

Yes, you can look up old VIN numbers for buyers and sellers to access accurate year and make information, vehicle specifications, and more.

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