7 Best VIN Scanner Apps for Dealers in 2023

Best VIN Scanner Apps for Dealers
Gaining access to the right information on vehicles, as a dealer, is one activity that should be prioritized in every dealership. Before even putting up any vehicle for sale, a dealer has to closely inspect the vehicle and confirm its reliability by focusing on the vehicle’s history. This is where the best VIN scanner apps become useful. A VIN scanner app is a great tool to have in your arsenal as a dealer.

What Does a VIN Scanner App Do?

It simply scans a VIN (vehicle identification number) directly from the vehicle or paperwork and runs a VIN check on that vehicle to gain access to every piece of information on that vehicle. Say goodbye to typing the VIN into websites and say hello to VIN scanner apps. The scanner feature is particularly important and useful since it avoids potential spelling mistakes.

There are several VIN scanner apps available to the general public and to dealers, but which of them are the best VIN scanner apps for dealers? Which one can actually fulfill the needs and requirements of a dealer and provide accurate and reliable information? This article points out the 7 best VIN scanner apps for dealers in 2023.

How does a VIN scanner app work?

VIN scanners work with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With OCR technology, these apps can identify a VIN number directly from the car or from vehicle documents, and VIN scanner apps with high-quality OCR technology can even identify handwritten VIN numbers.

After proper identification of a VIN number, the VIN scanner app uses the VIN to search through various government databases, like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and provides information about the vehicle and its history. The information collected by a VIN scanner app for dealers includes accident histories, theft histories, damage histories, service records, maintenance histories, vehicle specifications, title information, and more.

As soon as the VIN scanner app collates the records found, they are displayed to the dealer as readable text, leaving the dealer with valuable information on the vehicles in the dealership’s showroom.

The Best VIN Scanner Apps for Dealers in 2023

Here we will look at the top 8 best VIN scanner apps for dealers. They are

  • The VIN decoder and vehicle history app.
  • Classic Car VIN Decoder.
  • Carbly VIN scanner.
  • VIN Info.
  • EpicVIN Vehicle History Report.
  • VIN decoder by Toysoft, Inc.
  • VIN Scanner.

The VIN Decoder & Vehicle History App

The VIN decoder & vehicle history app is one of the best VIN scanner apps for dealers. This VIN scanner app, introduced by Vehicle Databases Inc., is developed with high-quality OCR technology and identifies vehicle identification numbers (VINs) with ease.

The VIN Decoder & Vehicle History App

The VIN decoder & Vehicle History app allow free VIN decoding. Yes! With the app, you can check the specifications of as many vehicles as you want for absolutely no charge. By clicking on “check records,” you will be directed to the full, concise, and comprehensive vehicle history of your vehicle. With this VIN scanner app, dealers may gain access to vehicle specifications, including technical data points and features, odometer records, ownership history, title records, accident history, damage history, sales history, auction records with exclusive auction photos, recalls, loan and lien records, theft records, service records, inspection records, natural disaster risk checks (flood, hail, and fire), and more.

The app easily stands out as one of the best VIN scanners for dealers and dealerships as it offers offline decoding, US license plate lookup, free repair, and maintenance checks, and with the app, you can even have access to 24-hour live chats whenever necessary.

The VIN Decoder & Vehicle History app is available for download as a VIN Check app for Android and is also available for iOS.

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Classic Car VIN Decoder

Last on our list of the 7 best VIN scanner apps for dealers, but most definitely not the least, is the Classic Car VIN Decoder. This VIN Scanner app is dedicated to scanning classic car VIN numbers. These VINs are usually shorter than the regular 17-character code. If you have been looking for a 5-digit VIN decoder, a 7-digit VIN decoder, or perhaps a 13-digit VIN decoder, then the Classic Car VIN Decoder app can fulfill your needs. This app has really high OCR technology and can detect VIN numbers on cars and documents with high accuracy.

Classic Car VIN Decoder

The free Classic Car VIN Decoder app is the first of its kind and is known for its free vehicle specification check, extremely concise and comprehensive reports, and an easy-to-follow user interface. It offers free downloads and is the first app that can scan and effectively decode vehicle identification numbers for classic vehicles.

Carbly VIN Scanner

The Carbly VIN scanner helps to scan VIN numbers from vehicles, printed texts, and barcodes. With the Carbly VIN scanner, dealers and individuals no longer need to type in VIN numbers, as they can utilize the OCR engine in the app and capture the 17-character VIN number with ease.

Carbly VIN Scanner

The Carbly VIN Scanner app provides fast barcode scanning, and they make sure they provide full vehicle details for app users. It eliminates errors by entering the VIN directly into the phone and helps dealers streamline their workflow. Be aware that Carbly is an app designed for licensed dealers only, and supports Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes. The Carbly VIN scanner app is currently available for both iOS and Android.

VIN Info

VIN Info

VIN Info is a product of VIN01 apps and is one of the best VIN scanner apps available for dealers today. With VIN Info, any individual or dealer can access information on theft history, damage history, accident records, and vehicle specifications. With the VIN Info app, dealers can also discover the market value of their vehicles.

EpicVIN Vehicle History Report

EpicVIN Vehicle History Report

With the EpicVIN Vehicle History Report VIN scanner app, car buyers and sellers can boldly walk into a dealership and leave with a good deal and a reliable vehicle. With this VIN scanner app, you can check for odometer fraud, ownership history, and accident history. Other details the EpicVIN Vehicle History Report app may offer are odometer readings, junk and salvage titles, flood damage history, accident history, lemon history, service records, and others.

Consultar VIN

Consultar VIN has swiftly made a name for itself as one of the best Carfax alternatives, according to reviews so far. This VIN scanner app for dealers was introduced by Consulta De VIN and offers a variety of services. With Consultar VIN, dealers and consumers can gain access to free VIN decoding and confirm their vehicle specifications.

Consultar VIN

The VIN scanner app offers online and offline VIN decoding, a high-tech Optical Character Recognition engine, a 5-star rated user interface, classic VIN decoding, unlimited access to decoded VINs and vehicle history reports, and more.

With Consultar VIN, you can generate a detailed vehicle history report containing information on accident history, damage history, ownership history, auction records with photos, theft records (if reported), title brand information, odometer rollback issues, inspection records, service records, repair history, and more.

VIN Decoder by Toysoft, Inc.

Users of Toysoft Inc.’s VIN decoder have the choice of manually entering or scanning their car’s VIN number.

VIN Decoder by Toysoft, Inc.

The app, like the others on the list, is available for free download and offers free VIN decoding service and delivery of vehicle history reports to dealers and manufacturers in North America, Europe, Asia, and a few other nations.

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VIN Scanner

VIN Scanner

The VIN Scanner app was introduced by Autoniq and is available to automotive industry professionals only. The app provides access to leading pricing guides like NADA, Kelly Blue Book (KBB), etcetera, and market reports. The VIN Scanner app identifies VINs with high accuracy and provides clear, comprehensive, and concise information that is passed across in an easy-to-use interface.

Final Words

Overall, vehicle history report companies are beginning to integrate high-tech engines into the process of generating vehicle history reports. With the introduction of VIN scanner apps and optical character recognition, customers and dealers can have their VINs decoder whenever and wherever they are.

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